New Merits and Flaws




  • Deathly Pallor (1pt Flaw) – Your countenance is of an unnatural paleness. So pale, in fact, you are often mistaken as ill and possibly contagious. As such, people will tend to display mild revulsion and avoid nearness, meaning Social interactions with strangers are at a +1 difficulty.


  • Addiction: Elixir (3pt Flaw) – As a veteran member of the Agency, you have partaken of Chancy’s “Snake Oil,” the effects of which go beyond the beneficial. As such, you have become accustomed to its effects and to go without it results in your feeling out of sorts and agitated. The longer you have been with the Agency, the worse the withdrawals, meaning anything from irritability to delusions and outright hallucinations. If your Blood Pool ever drops to zero for 24 hours, any sort of stress triggers a Self-Control check vs a Base Difficulty of 2. For every 10 years of addiction (i.e. employment with the Agency), increase the Base Difficulty by +1. Should you fail, you begin to go through withdrawals. For each additional day you go without the elixir, the difficulty increases by +1. Should the character botch this roll, they lose a point of Sanity permanently. The effects of a failure can be mitigated for one scene by spending a point of Willpower. No one has ever quit the stuff that you know of and the insanity it brings is enough to consider the elixir to be a cure.


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New Merits and Flaws

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