The Infernal Crescent City

The Krosses

All the Hunters

Using the psychic’s words, the Agents decide to investigate the Thanatos Society safehouse disguised as a brothel on Esplanade andClaiborne called, Le Maison du Soleil Levant. The Agents devise a plan to infiltrate the whorehouse as customers but just as they cross the street to approach, a young, red-headed girl approaches selling them flowers. As the Agents attempt to buy some flowers nonchalantly, the girl warns them, “Are you mad? Don’t go in there. They’re waiting for you.”

The girl diverts their attention to a shadowy figure standing by a tree in the distance. They approach and discover a grizzled man wearing leather who explains that the brothel is overseen by undead monsters, who know of the Agents’ arrival to the city and of their impending intrusion. Instead, he offers to guide them back to one of his safehouses so he can explain what’s going on.-

He takes them to an abandoned railroad car along the riverfront in the Irish Channel.



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