The Infernal Crescent City

The Daughter

Pt 03 - The Spiritualist

After discovering six shallow graves scattered about the nearby fields of the Lonely House, the Agents located the grave of John Dunn, the cabbie who had driven Jimmy and his prey here so many times, only to be murdered himself after discovering what was truly taking place. Forcing Kitty to go against her dislike of mundane authorities, the Agents located the local sheriff and alerted him to the bodies, asking only to take John Dunn’s wedding ring to bring to his widow.

Once back in New Orleans, the Agents retire to their hotel room, where Johnny reveals to Kitty the book his ancestor hid near Roanoke, Virginia and explains that it enhances his power. Unfortunately, she is unable to penetrate the strange mystical encryption of the book, which makes focusing on the cipher impossible. A call comes in from Dr. Cobb who is disturbed by their findings; he suspects “The Church” and vows to send in reinforcements.Then they slept, finally. Upon waking, they found the central room of the suite vandalized. The couches had been shoved aside, the coffee table turned over and the rug had been urinated upon.

Later, they returned to the Armes d’ Roi to update Jean Angelo and search for Virginia’s things before heading Uptown to visit Bats’ spiritualist and return John Dunn’s wedding ring to his widow. At the armes d’ Roi, however, they manage to locate Virginia’s things stashed away in the attic above the third floor. On their way back down, they hear a struggle coming from Jean Angelo’s room and arrive to find he had just been attacked by the apparition of an angry woman. Throttling him, she had been howling, “Where is she, you fool? You were supposed to be watching over her!”

Convinced his life was in danger, the Agents agreed to take him Uptown where he asked his boss for a place to stay behind the sign-painting shop on Magazine Street. That done, the Agents felt as if they were being watched and noticed a large death’s head moth on a nearby lamp post. Sure that such a moth was not native to the region, the Agents soon left and headed to Dryades Street where they located Madame Ledeu’s shotgun house, where the doors and windows were layered in wards against evil spirits. They were greeted at her door by her strange and silent son, a ten-year old boy named Shade. Inside, they met the spiritualist herself, who, upon examining John Dunn’s ring, held a seance. Possessed by the dead cabbie’s spirit, she revealed that he had hidden a jar of money behind his shed, which he wanted his wife to have. He also described the attack at the Lonely House as being perpetrated by Jimmy but summated by a dark burial ritual performed by a “priest” whose face was always shrouded by shadow, as if they climbed off the walls to cover him. The ghost of Dunn even sang a part of the song to them, which Madame Ledeu was able to translate from Latin.

Convinced they were the real thing, Madame Ledu revealed that she and her son have been a prisoner in their own home for eleven years. She says she was once a member of a death cult called, the Thanatos Society, who worshiped dark monstrosities. Those same monstrosities, she explained, also fathered her son, Shade and so she fled them. As such, she fears should she ever leave the house she will be set upon and she and Shade will fall prey to the cult. She begged the Agents to help her. They agreed though admitted taking on the entire cult might be beyond their means. Thankful enough, Madame Ledeu told them they could find the Society in a brothel in Faubourg Treme called, the Rising Sun.


Returning the ring to the widow Dunn was an emotional moment. With a babe on her hip and several more at her feet, she appeared doomed without her husband. The Agents told her that Dunn was able to say with his last words that there was money hidden behind the shed and with all hope, what she found there will help her family through its trials to come.



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